Clutchmasters Twin Disc Clutch for LOJ Swap Kits

Clutchmasters Twin Disc Clutch for LOJ Swap Kits

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For those customers looking to make over 700 ft-lbs of torque at the wheels, LOJ has partnered with Clutchmasters to offer Twin Disc clutch kits specifically engineered to work with our transmission adapters. These clutches are available in both 8.5" diameter and 10.0" diameter to suit your application.

For road race vehicles, we recommend the 8.5" clutches as they offer the least rotational mass for quick revving setups and the least disc inertia for quick shifts and less syncro wear. 8.5" setups are only available with solid hub discs in both puck and full face designs. Organic, Hybrid, Fiber, and Ceramic friction materials are all options.

For street and drag vehicles, we recommend the 10.0" clutches as they are available with sprung discs for smoother clutch engagement and less chatter. These are also available with Organic, Hybrid, Fiber, and Ceramic friction materials in both full face and puck combinations.

Frontier/Xterra Twin Disc Clutches are only available in 10.0" diameter 

All Twin Disc Clutches are special order! Lead time is two-three weeks after payment is received.  

You can place an order here, and we will contact you to spec a clutch that meets your power goals, driving style, and engagement requirements. Price is the same for all combinations. Select "Standalone Clutch" if you already have one of our trans adapters and want to upgrade. Select "New Order Upgrade" if you want the clutch to ship with your new trans adapter/swap kit purchase. The price difference is a reflection that your new order will no longer ship with our flywheel, as the twin disc comes with its own custom flywheel.

All Twin Disc clutches are 100% rebuildable. Every individual component is available separately, so your Twin Disc clutch can be repaired at a minimal expense.


I was reminded this morning, two years after I bought my Z32 swap kit what a great company this is. LOJ is always there with excellent advice, not just great products. Best customer service of any company I’ve ever dealt with, and the highest quality swap parts available. If you want an easy, bolt in swap, this is it. Click Here to See Review

David S.

That's the thing with an engine swap... we don't know what's gunna happen... unless you're buying a swap kit from LOJ Conversions for your 350Z with an LS... Those kits work, they're good! Click Here for Video

Al and Woody - The Skid Factory