300ZX 5-Speed LS/LT Swap Billet Aluminum Flywheel (8-Bolt)

300ZX 5-Speed LS/LT Swap Billet Aluminum Flywheel (8-Bolt)

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FLYWHEEL ONLY! (6-Bolt flywheel pictures, but this is for an 8-Bolt flywheel)

If you recently switched from a normal LS engine to a LSA or other 8-Bolt crankshaft LS engine, this will let you upgrade without replacing the entire adapter. If you also have an LS Adapter and want to use it on an LT engine, this will allow you to do so.

The LOJ Conversions Billet Aluminum Flywheel for use with our Z32 300ZX 5-Speed to 8-Bolt LSx and LTx Transmission Adapter. This is for the Flywheel ONLY. This is a replacement flywheel intended to be used ONLY with the LOJ Conversions Transmission Adapter Set. If you somehow damaged your flywheel beyond repair, then this is how you would purchase a replacement flywheel.

If you purchase this flywheel to use with another company's adapter, or to make your own adapter, you are doing so at your own risk! There are NO RETURNS on flywheel only purchases under ANY circumstances!

For use with Z32 300ZX 5-Speed Transmission Adapters.  

This is a 8-BOLT LSx/LTx Swap Flywheel. Check the engine compatibility section of the website to determine which LS and LT Engines this flywheel will work with! 


    I was reminded this morning, two years after I bought my Z32 swap kit what a great company this is. LOJ is always there with excellent advice, not just great products. Best customer service of any company I’ve ever dealt with, and the highest quality swap parts available. If you want an easy, bolt in swap, this is it. Click Here to See Review

    David S.

    That's the thing with an engine swap... we don't know what's gunna happen... unless you're buying a swap kit from LOJ Conversions for your 350Z with an LS... Those kits work, they're good! Click Here for Video

    Al and Woody - The Skid Factory