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Z32 300ZX LS Swap Engine Installation Service

Z32 300ZX LS Swap Engine Installation Service

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You MUST call or email LOJ for information and pricing regarding the installation of an LS Swap in your car. Pricing varies greatly depending on the type of build you're doing, for an accurate quote please provide the following info at a MINIMUM.

  1. What year/make/model is your current car? (i.e. - 1993 Nissan 300ZX 2+2 Non-Turbo 5-Speed Manual)
  2. What LS Engine do you want installed? (i.e. - LS1, LS2, LS3, LY6, L9H, 6.2, 6.0, 5.3, 4.8, etc)
  3. What transmission do you want to run? (i.e. - The stock 5-Speed, a T56, 6L80, 4L60, etc.)
  4. Do you want a basic just get it up and running swap? Do you want functioning stock gauges, cruise, and AC? Are you building a complete show car and want custom valve covers, intake, etc.

The above information will GREATLY help us provide a more accurate quote!

Want an LS Swap powering your ride? Don't have the time or skills required to complete the conversion yourself? Then this service is for you!! Please call or email us for estimates and pricing information.

LOJ will gladly install your LS engine conversion in your Z32 300ZX! Why pay a local shop who has no experience with these conversions more when you can have the experts that make the kit do it for you? We can help arrange shipping your car across the country, and we even offer our own trailer service for your special projects.

Take it from lessons learned by some of our out of state customers. Shops who have never done this conversion will almost always increase their labor costs as the project progresses because they simply don't know what they're getting into. Even if they've quoted you less than we have, you can almost certainly expect that cost to grow as they "learn". LOJ has done this conversion numerous times, we make the product, our labor estimates will seldom ever change. Even taking into account vehicle shipping costs, LOJ is the most cost effective option! 

For more information just give us a call and we'll be happy to help you make you LS conversion dreams a reality!!! Due to the popularity of this service, we are typically scheduling 3-4 months out, call us to secure your spot!

LOJ Conversions only installs swaps into the Nissan 300ZX using all of the available LOJ Conversions products for the Z32 platform found in a Ultimate Swap Kit. Conversions are also available in many other platforms, please contact us for pricing and availability. 

Whats Included:

  • Removal of original drivetrain and disposal. Original components are scrapped unless otherwise requested by client. 
  • Simple Cleaning of Engine Bay. We give a quick degrease and hot water rinse to all engine bays prior to engine installation. Thorough cleaning and detailing additional, see below.
  • Simple Cleaning of Engine. If you are using a used engine, we give the engine a quick degrease before installation. Thorough cleaning, detailing, painting, etc. additional.
  • Installation of our Ultimate Swap Kit Package. This includes all the components included with the ultimate swap kit for a Gen 3 drive by cable engine using the Z32 Manual Transmission. Other transmissions can incur additional costs. 
    • Install Heater Core Outlets and Heater Recirculation Block
    • Install Engine Oil Pan, Motor Mounts, Oil Filter Relocation Kit
    • Install Fuel Pump and Returnless Fuel System Conversion
    • Install Transmission Adapter, Flywheel, Clutch Assembly
    • Install Transmission Mount and Shortened Shift Linkage
    • Install Engine and Transmission Assembly into Vehicle
    • Install Engine Wiring Harness and ECU
    • Install Headers and Exhaust Connection Pipes
    • Install LOJ Accessory Drive Package (PS and Alternator)
    • Install LOJ Swap Radiator, Fans, Hoses, and Fan Wiring
    • Install LOJ Air Intake Kit

Common Options:

  • Air Conditioning - $400 (includes labor and refrigerant, AC installation parts extra)
  • Cruise Control - $100 (includes labor and required parts for a DRIVE BY CABLE setup, drive by wire requires additional parts, call for more info)
  • Cam and Springs - $300 (includes labor only for a cam and spring install on an engine BEFORE it is installed into the vehicle, cam and spring package additional)
  • Detail Engine Bay - $200-300 (includes thorough cleaning and degreasing of engine bay and painting of rusted areas. Does not include rust repair, shaving, or a complete repaint)
  • Paint and/or Shave Engine Bay - $Call (we can customize your engine bay nearly any way you'd like, call for an exact quote)
  • Paint Engine - $150 (This includes a thorough cleaning, painting the engine block, cylinder heads, timing covers, and other components that are not being replaced during the conversion process)
  • Coil Relocation - $700 (This includes the labor for relocating and mounting the ignition coils to the inner fenderwells, fabricating custom plug wires, extending coil pack wiring. Parts are additional.

Frequently Asked Questions:

    • How long does the conversion take?
      • Most 300ZX conversions can be completed in 6-8 weeks, depending on options chosen. Additional services can extend the completion time. 
      • Can you do Suspension/Brake Upgrades while you have the car?
        • Yes, of course. LOJ is a full service speed shop that specializes in LS engine conversions. We highly recommend brake and suspension upgrades when doing an LS conversion, as you are typically doubling the horsepower the car was originally designed for. We will work with you and your budget to get the most economical upgrade possible.
      • Can I make changes along the way?
        • Yes, of course. Any changes affecting parts already purchased will be subject to restocking fees. Bear in mind, there are some parts that can't be returned (non-refundable parts typically include used differentials, engines, etc.) 
      • Ok, that all sounds good, so how does payment work?
        • Payment works in 5 steps:
          • Step 1: You contact us for a rough estimate on cost for the conversion you are looking for. (Any Chassis) This estimate is provided free of charge, and will give an overview of what we would provide in both products and services but will not go into specifics. These estimates are usually within 10% of the detailed estimate price.
          • Step 2: Your agree to the rough estimate and want to schedule your conversion. We take a $500 deposit to secure your spot in the schedule. After receiving the deposit, we will provide you with a detailed project cost estimate, breaking down individual parts prices, labor costs, etc. This will cover expenses all the way down to fluids, bolts, nuts, hoses. RESCHEDULING does NOT forfeit your deposit. ONLY CANCELLATION. If you decide to cancel your build, you forfeit the ENTIRE $500 deposit. Please understand, we get numerous requests for conversion estimates EVERY DAY. This policy is to weed out those who are serious from the window shoppers. 
          • Step 3: Approximately 6 weeks prior to your car's scheduled arrival time, we require an approximate 1/3 payment of the total detailed estimate price. This will allow us to get your motor in house and prepped for install, as well as many other odds and ends required for the conversion. This way when your car arrives, we are ready to go and not waiting for parts to arrive. This deposit can vary depending on how extensive the build is.
          • Step 4: When you drop of your car for the work to begin, we require the next 1/3 payment.
          • Step 5: When your car is finished and you come to pick it up (or arrange transport) we require the final payment.   
        • Payment for your conversion is required in certified cashiers checks, bank transfer, or cash only. The deposit can be paid via credit card.
      • Ok, so I ship my car to you, you swap it, and ship it back... what if I have problems?
        • LOJ will typically shake down a converted car for 1-2 weeks and 500 miles after a conversion is completed to ensure any bugs are worked out before you take delivery. We want you to have years of trouble free motoring! We stand behind all of our products against defects in workmanship. 

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