6.0L LS Swapped G35 Build Sheet

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This page is a list of the build specs on an LOJ Built LS Swapped G35 Sedan we have for sale. You can buy a complete car for less than an ultimate swap kit and comparable engine would cost you!

Back Story:

I built this car years ago as the development mule for LOJ's 350Z and G35 Swap Kits. When it was originally built, I installed a good used L76 6.0L Gen 4 all aluminum LS Engine. I pulled the cylinder heads off to perform an AFM/DOD Delete, install all new lifters, an LS9 camshaft, LS9 head gaskets, and ARP head bolts. I drove this car in this configuration for at least 18 months, nearly two years, and put 25k+ miles on the setup. The car has been all over the country, to LS Fest in KY, multiple family vacations, road trips, etc. 

When it was time to move on and find the next development vehicle, I approached one of LOJ's very first customers to see if he was interested in a new daily. He was the owner of the black LS7 swapped 300ZX that appeared on the Smoking Tire back when LOJ first started. He agreed that he wanted it and I sold it to him back in 2018. He then daily drove this car from the moment he got it and made some mods to the car along the way. He installed a new cam, alarm, sound system, and a few cosmetic goodies as well. He really loved the car and was setting it up for us to install a blower in the future.

He then got a job in GA and moved himself and his family away from NJ to pursue his new career. In late fall of 2019 he shipped the car back up to NJ for a final phase of mode before the blower install which was planned for the following winter. We installed a new twin disk clutch and some trick coilovers. We shipped the car back to GA and shortly after he received the car a most unfortunate thing happened. A bearing in the transmission let go and started making terrible noise. I agreed to repair the car under warranty for the job we just did, but the owner was gutted.

The setback made him realize how tough it is having a daily driver where the shop you trust most to work on it is no longer an hour away, but much much further. He's not a mechanically inclined buy himself, so fixing things on his own isn't an option. He also had a lot of unexpected expenses with the recent move and needed to focus on his home and his family before committing to another project. I agreed to buy the car back from him to help him out knowing that I'd have to tear into it to fix the transmission. I had zero intention of keeping the car, I just wanted to fix it and resell it. I paid for the car a week before the COVID lockdowns and it was delivered to my shop two weeks later.

Once I received the car, we replaced the transmission with a good used 2006 trans. While we had the transmission out, we also installed a new single disk clutch since the car did not need a twin disk without the blower going on anymore. We also pulled the coilovers back off and put the 350Z springs/struts back on. I wanted the coilovers for my personal car. Otherwise, the car is the same as it was, runs flawlessly, and I'd be confident driving it anywhere in the country.

Enough of that, about the car:

This G35 is still full weight, has functioning AC, all the stock gauges work, runs great, no codes, and gets great highway mileage.


2005 Infiniti G35 Sedan - Stock 6MT Sport Car - Car has a clean title and very clean. There are a few dings and scratches, and the chassis has over 225k miles on it. This is a daily driven street car, not a show car, but it cleans up really well and looks great. The interior is in great shape and everything works as it should.

Complete LOJ Ultimate Swap Kit 


  • 2008 L76 Gen 4 6.0L Aluminum Block / Aluminum Heads (LS3 Style), 82k miles on it when swapped in, 40k+ on the conversion so far. Heads were pulled to do a DOD delete. Were reinstalled with LS9 head gaskets and ARP head bolts in prep for a blower someday. Runs great, 35psi hot oil pressure at idle in 105* ambient temps.
  • Brian Tooley Racing Stage 3 Positive Displacement Supercharger Cam and Dual-Spring Package with Cro-Moly Pushrods and Ti Retainers.
  • Has been Dyno Tested to 411WHP and 393WTQ on 93 Octane.
  • Dress Up:
    • Holley Valve Covers
    • Holley Fuel Rails


  • 2006 350Z Low-Mileage Used CD Trans (no grinds)
  • Clutchmasters FX250HD Clutch (Brand New <200 miles)
  • 2.76:1 Rear Gear w/ OEM Viscous LSD. (Cruises at 1900RPM@70MPH)
  • Whiteline Differential Bushings


  • LOJ 1-7/8" to 3" Headers, Cats, Single 3" Fully Mandrel Bent SS exhaust System fabricated by Kooks. This is a one-off made by Kooks when the car was there for header development and runs super quiet when off the throttle, perfect daily exhaust.


  • G37 Akebono Brakes with Z1 Two-Piece Crossdrilled/Slotted Rotors 
  • Stainless Brake Lines and new DOT 4 Fluid
  • 350Z Springs and Dampers
  • SPL FUCA, Rear Camber Arms, Rear Traction Arms.
  • G35 Coupe Rays Powdercoated Gunmetal.
  • Yokohama ADVAN Sport A/S Tires, 225 Front and 245 Rear in excellent shape.


  • Upgraded Stereo System:
    • Pioneer AVH-W4500NEX Touch Screen Double DIN head unit.
    • Alpine Type-R dual coil sub in a Zenclosure subwoofer box.
    • Phoenix Gold Multi-Channel Amplifier
    • Phoenix Gold 6.5" Components Front
    • Phoenix Gold 2-Ways rear
  • Arctic Start Alarm System
    • Remote Start
    • Tile Sensor
    • Vibration Sensor
    • Because it's a manual, there is a specific procedure for shutting down the car to ensure it is in neutral to allow remote start to work the next time, and even if it was in gear as soon as it senses any movement it shuts it right back down.



NOTE: In these photos you can see rock chips on the front bumper and holes from the front plate mount. I have since removed the bumper and had it repainted and the license plate holes repaired.