Frequently Asked Questions - 350Z & G35

This page will attempt to cover the questions we hear most frequently from prospective customers looking to purchase our 350Z and G35 products. Click on each question to reveal the answers.

"Does the LSx to 350Z Transmission Adapter Kit Require any Modifications to the Transmission?"

We have discovered some casting variations that require some bellhousings to be ground down slightly inside the bell in the slave cylinder area. This is covered in the instructions, which you can view here. Take a look at step 8 on page 8.

"Can I get a Replacement Starter for your 350Z Transmission Adapter?"

Of course! The starter we use is from a well known company called PowerMaster, and is not a custom piece. We would be happy to help you source a replacement if needed.

"Do I need a Custom Clutch when using you Transmission Adapter?"

No you do not. Our Flywheel is designed to use any OEM or Aftermarket Single Disc Clutch for the following applications. Z33 350Z, V35 G35, Z34 370Z, V36 G37, Z32 300ZX NA & TT, & R32 GTR. Twin Disc Clutches however require a custom machined flywheel due to the increased stack height. Reach out to us for more info if your looking to go this route.

"Do I need to do any Firewall or Transmission Tunnel Modifications to use a GM Transmission in my car?"

Due to the Increased Bellhousing size of the GM Transmissions (T56, 4L60, 6L80) There is a small portion on the drivers side of the transmission tunnel which requires some denting for clearance. This is very minor and does not require cutting and welding.