What LTx Engines Do Your Kits Work With?

Any Generation 5 Small Block Chevy Engine, this includes the following engine displacements and codes:

    • 6.2L LT1 (2014+ Corvette, 2016+ Camaro)††
    • 6.2L LT4, (2015+ Corvette Z06, 2016+ CTSV, 2017+ Camaro ZL1)††
    • 6.2L L86/L87 (2014+ Silverado/Sierra, Yukon, Escalade)
    • 6.2L LT5 (2019+ Corvette ZR1)††
    • 5.3L L82/L83/L84/L8B (2014+ Silverado/Sierra, Tahoe/Yukon, Suburban/Yukon XL)

†† NOTE: All Dry Sump Engines MUST be converted to a Wet Sump for use with our swap oil pans!

THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE THE OLD 1996 AND OLDER LT1 ENGINES FOUND IN A CAMARO/FIREBIRD. Lets be real, those engines are garbage and LS engines are cheap, get with the times!