Frequently Asked Questions - 240SX

This page will attempt to cover the questions we hear most frequently from prospective customers looking to purchase our 240SX products. Click on each question to reveal the answers.

Does the kit require any modifications to the car?

This depends on which transmission you choose to use. The Z32 transmission requires no modifications to the firewall or trans tunnel. The T56 requires come clearancing in the bellhousing area. The TH400 and 4L60 require clearancing in both the bellhousing area and alone the bottom of the trans tunnel on each side to make room for the width of the trans oil pan.

What headers work with your 240SX kits?

This depends, again, on which transmission is used. We have test fit 240SX swap headers from Hooker, and the passenger side header fit with all transmissions except for the Z32 trans, as the collector and starter attempt to occupy the same space.

Which Z transmissions work with your swap kits?

Any Z32 transmission, turbo or non-turbo, will work with our transmission adapter kits. Our flywheels use twin turbo ring gears, so to use a non-turbo transmission, a starter spacer is required as well as some minor modifications to the bellhousing. The starter spacer is included with the kits, and the modifications are covered in detail within the instructions.

Which clutches work with your Z32 transmission adapter?

Our Z32 transmission adapters come with brand new, custom, billet aluminum flywheels. These flywheels will accept any 9.5" 300ZX Non-Turbo clutch, as well as any 10" 350Z/G35 clutch kit.

Can the friction surface of your flywheel be replaced?

Yes, the flywheels are rebuildable and rebuild kits can be purchased directly from LOJ for $99.95. Please contact us to order one if needed.

Can the Z transmission hold the torque of an LSx engine?

Yes, the Z32 transmission is a very robust unit and can easily hold 600-700 ft-lbs of torque. Remember, the Z32 transmission shares all of its internals with the R32 and R33 Skyline GTR transmissions. Those transmissions routinely hold high horsepower AWD launches on fully prepped track surfaces. 

Does your kit work on RHD 240s?

To date, we have not test fit this kit on a RHD 240SX.

Can i use a 4L80E transmission?

No, not without cutting and reshaping the transmission tunnel. The 4L80 pan is longer and wider than the available area in the tunnel, requiring complete removal of the factory transmission crossmember mounting points.