Frequently Asked Questions - 300ZX

This page will attempt to cover the questions we hear most frequently from prospective customers looking to purchase our 300ZX products. Click on each question to reveal the answers.

Which Z transmissions work with your swap kits?

Any Z32 manual transmission, turbo or non-turbo, will work with our transmission adapter kits. Our flywheels use twin turbo ring gears, so to use a non-turbo transmission, a starter spacer is required as well as some minor modifications to the bellhousing. The starter spacer is included with the kits, and the modifications are covered in detail within the instructions.

Which clutches work with your Z32 transmission adapter?

Our Z32 transmission adapters come with brand new, custom, billet aluminum flywheels. These Flywheels are designed to use any OEM or Aftermarket Single Disc Clutch for the following applications. Z33 350Z, V35 G35, Z34 370Z, V36 G37, Z32 300ZX NA & TT, & R32 GTR. Twin Disc Clutches however require a custom machined flywheel due to the increased stack height. Reach out to us for more info if your looking to go this route.

Can the friction surface of your flywheel be replaced?

Yes, the flywheels are rebuildable and rebuild kits can be purchased directly from LOJ for $169.95and can be ordered here --> Replacement 300ZX Friction Plate

Can the Z transmission hold the torque of an LSx engine?

Yes, the Z32 transmission is a very robust unit and can easily hold 600-700 ft-lbs of torque. Remember, the Z32 transmission shares all of its internals with the R32 and R33 Skyline GTR transmissions. Those transmissions routinely hold high horsepower AWD launches on fully prepped track surfaces. 

Does the kit require any modifications to the car?

There are two modifications required in the transmission tunnel. These are a result of our kit moving the transmission to the rear 75mm. The speed sensor will require a small 2" square dent and the recess where the starter resides needs to be extended to the rear as well. Both are covered in the instructions and can be accomplished with a hammer, no cutting required.

What creature comforts do I have to give up to do this swap?

None! LOJ can provide you with all the parts and technical support necessary to retain every feature your car came with stock. This includes Power Steering, Air Conditioning, Cruise Control, and every factory gauge and warning light reading properly. 

Does your kit work in all Z32 variants?

Yes, some 2+2 models require slightly more clearance work in the transmission tunnel above the bellhousing, but this is less than a 1/2" area.

Do your headers require any modifications to the car?

No! These headers are specifically designed for this engine conversion, and as a result fit exactly like a stock header and require no alterations to the car or engine to fit.

Can I use a 4L80E transmission?

No, not without cutting and reshaping the transmission tunnel. The 4L80 pan is longer and wider than the available area in the tunnel, requiring complete removal of the factory transmission crossmember mounting points.

Do I need a new fuel pump?

In short, if you have a non-turbo, yes, a twin turbo, no. The LSx engines run at a constant fuel pressure of 58psi, any the regulator has no vacuum reference. So at idle and WOT, the rail pressure remains the same. This 58psi is 15psi higher than the base pressure in a 300ZX. The NA pump was not intended to see rail pressures this high, but the TT pump was since boost raises rail pressure in a 300ZX TT.

What about my FPCU?

In short, forget that it was there, you don't need to remove it. The FPCU in both the NA and TT cars function by increasing the resistance on the ground side of the pump circuit. From the factory, the hot side of the pump gets constant battery voltage regardless of what the FPCU is doing. The ground side also goes direct to ground unless the ECU sends a signal to the FPCU to raise the resistance. Since the factory ECU is gone and not sending a signal to the FPCU, the pump acts as though it is at full speed all the time.

Do I need my stock ECU? Harness?

No, on both counts.

The LOJ ECU and Harness completely replace your factory ECU and Engine Wiring Harness. The VG30DE(TT) has two harnesses on the engine from the factory. The EFI harness has all of its connections on top of the engine, and it plugs into the engine bay fuse box as well as passing through the firewall and to the ECU and single main harness interface plug. This EFI harness gets completely replaced. Only the single connector inside the car between the EFI harness and the main harness can be kept for a cleaner LOJ harness install, this is covered in the instructions.

The second harness in the engine bay originates behind the RH (US Passenger side) headlight and connects to the alternator, starter, and transmission sensors. This harness will be transferred to your LS engine.