G35 Sedan LS Swap Fuel System (up to 550WHP)

G35 Sedan LS Swap Fuel System (up to 550WHP)

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LOJ Conversions is now offering complete fuel system upgrade packages for the Infiniti G35 Sedan to make the existing G35 returnless fuel system compatible with the higher fuel pressure and flow requirements of the GM LS Engines. This is a send in and return service, as the stock Sedan fuel sending units are not available new in the aftermarket. LOJ keeps a limited number of core sending units in stock if you wish to pay the core charge and get it refunded once a good stock sending unit is returned.

At LOJ, we believe in keeping the existing systems in the car functional and only selling the customer exactly what they need to make their conversion a success. To that end, there is absolutely no need to install a completely new fuel system, convert to a return style system, or add any other unnecessary complexities to the car for customers looking to make 550WHP or less on 93 Octane fuel. 

For these customers, LOJ offers this fuel system package that upgrades the stock fuel sending unit to increase pressure and increase flow to keep up with the demands of the LS Engine. For the Sedan, this includes the following components:

  • AEM Electronics High-Flow In-Tank Electric Fuel Pumps (E85 Compatible)
  • NEW Fuel Pressure Regulator, pre-calibrated to 58psi (4bar) to match the LS engine factory calibrations
  • NEW Quick Disconnect fuel line, pre-cut and assembled with heat shielding to connect the factory fuel hard line to the LS Engine Fuel Rail (available for both car intake manifold and truck intake manifold configurations)
  • OPTIONAL -6AN Style Fuel Line for aftermarket fuel rails. This hose will not come pre-assembled, but it will include all necessary fittings and 3 feet of E85 compatible lightweight hose.
  • Comprehensive instructions to install the modified fuel pressure regulator, fuel pump, and other modifications to the sending unit which are required to cope with the additional flow. This also includes the correct side drill bits to perform these modifications.

For applications making over 550WHP, a complete fuel system upgrade is required. Please contact LOJ Conversions as we can put together a complete package for you, including fuel pump, regulator, fittings, lines, etc.


I was reminded this morning, two years after I bought my Z32 swap kit what a great company this is. LOJ is always there with excellent advice, not just great products. Best customer service of any company I’ve ever dealt with, and the highest quality swap parts available. If you want an easy, bolt in swap, this is it. Click Here to See Review

David S.

That's the thing with an engine swap... we don't know what's gunna happen... unless you're buying a swap kit from LOJ Conversions for your 350Z with an LS... Those kits work, they're good! Click Here for Video

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