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LS Swap Heater Bypass Block

LS Swap Heater Bypass Block

$ 89.95

Here is an important product from LOJ Conversions: The LS Swap Heater Bypass Block.

Why is this important, and why does it exist?

That answer is simple and complicated. This block installs in-line with your heater hoses. You will notice in this cross section picture, that the coolant passages form an "H".

The heater circuit on Nissan vehicles utilize a heater control valve that blocks flow to the heater core when the heat is off. This completely stops flow through the heater core hoses.

The heater circuits on Chevy LS powered vehicles utilize a heater control valve that has an internal bypass. When the heat is off in a Chevy LS powered vehicle, coolant still flows through the heater hoses.

"So what?" - Well, it is a well known fact in the LS community that you can not block the heater ports on your water pump, they must be looped to always allow flow. If flow is blocked in these ports, you will cause a pressure differential on your water pump impeller creating cavitation, resulting in aeration of your coolant and an overheating condition.

This product is intended to solve this issue, while also adding a convenient place to mount your stock gauge coolant temp sensor, as well as an aftermarket CTS if desired. The block is available with or without a new factory style CTS, and with both a bushing and plug for the aftermarket CTS port. There is also a mounting screw for a grounding wire for proper gauge operation.

The coolant will always take the path of least resistance, which is a straight shot to and from your heater core, but will pass through the "H" when the heat is off. We have tested this product in 20* ambient temps and the heat works flawlessly.

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