MOCAL 115 Matrix Oil Cooler
MOCAL 115 Matrix Oil Cooler

MOCAL 115 Matrix Oil Cooler

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MOCAL oil coolers have earned a reputation for being tough, lightweight, and highly efficient. This makes them the obvious choice for all high performance automotive, motorcycle, marine and aviation applications. Oil cooler construction utilizes a variable number of pressed plates forming oil-ways which contain "turbulators" to break down boundary layer effects in the oil flow allowing for maximum heat dissipation without undue pressure build-up. Oil-ways are interspaced with corrugations providing airways between the plates allowing air to pass. Airway corrugations are also louvered to optimize heat transfer. The entire oil cooler is made from aluminum alloy braised into a one piece unit. Each is then pressure tested to 170 p.s.i., sample coolers are put through even more exhaustive testing to ensure their stability under all conditions. MOCAL 235 Matrix Coolers feature 115mm width core sizes in various heights. Fluid connections are optional in various male -AN/JIC (-6, -8, -10, -12, -16) sizes. MOCAL oil coolers are suitable for all engine, transmission and differential cooling applications. LOJ Conversions can supply oil cooler installation kits for most popular automotive applications and stock a full line of oil plumbing components. Our technical staff is also available to assist in selecting the proper cooling components for your requirements.

Oil Cooler Mounting Brackets can be purchased here. 


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