Yukon ring & pinion set for Nissan M226 rear
Yukon ring & pinion set for Nissan M226 rear

Yukon ring & pinion set for Nissan M226 rear

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Yukon Gear & Axle high-performance ring and pinion gear sets are the benchmark of quality in the automotive gear industry. Yukon engineers use state-of-the art design, advanced heat-treating techniques, and leading-edge quality testing processes to ensure the structure and surface finish meet exacting specifications and quality standards. Yukon offers its Y.E.S. Plan, a lifetime, comprehensive, no-questions-asked protection plan covering your gear set for as long as you own your vehicle. Whether you’ve added tons of horsepower under the hood, upgraded to bigger tires, are just want to optimize the traction performance of your ride, Yukon offers the widest selection of gear ratios on the market to accommodate every need.

Fits Nissan M226 rear
8.5" ring gear diameter
24 spline pinion
10 ring gear bolts

Technical Notes
This gear set requires a 24 spline pinion yoke when replacing the factory 29 spline pinion used for 2004-2007 applications.

Compatible Make / Model
 - Nissan Titan (2004-2014)
 - Nissan Frontier (2003-2014)
 - Nissan Xterra (2003-2015)
 - Nissan Pathfinder (2003-2012)


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