3.13:1 Infiniti M45 R200 Differential - USED
3.13:1 Infiniti M45 R200 Differential - USED
3.13:1 Infiniti M45 R200 Differential - USED

3.13:1 Infiniti M45 R200 Differential - USED

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LOJ Conversions keeps a limited stock of USED Y50 Infiniti M45 Differentials. These R200 differentials are 3.13:1 ratio and come equipped in ALL factory applications as an OPEN differential. This is a drop-in rear differential for any 350Z, G35, 370Z.

If your G/Z has a factory 3.54:1 ratio differential (Stock Manual Trans Vehicles); this differential will drop your engine RPM in all gears at all speeds by 12%. If you were cruising at 3000RPM with your stock 3.54:1 differential, you will be at 2650RPM with this differential. 

These differentials are a 100% bolt-in upgrade for Nissan 350Z, Infiniti G35, and Nissan 370Z with one exception. The M45 differentials come equipped with a 6-bolt input flange that has a completely different bolt pattern and offset than the standard G/Z flange. The input flange from your G/Z differential can be swapped onto the M45 differential and your existing driveshaft will work. You will need to remove the dust shield when doing this.

This differential WILL NOT BOLT INTO A Z32 OR S-CHASSIS!

The vehicle speed in the G/Z is determined by the ABS tone rings in the wheels, so the speedometer does NOT need to be re-calibrated for gear changes.

The M45 differential has the same carrier offset as an Automatic Transmission 3.35:1 G/Z differential. If looking to purchase an aftermarket LSD to fit this differential, simply purchase one that fits an automatic G or Z. 

Alternatively, LOJ can install a factory style Viscous LSD into this differential prior to shipment. If selecting this option, expect 1-2 weeks before shipment. Why is this such an expensive option? LOJ must source a complete VLSD differential assembly and combine parts from both differentials to create this final product. This is a costly exercise and labor intensive.

These are USED differential and VLSD units and come with no warranty expressed or implied.


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David S.

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