350Z (2003-2008) Overview

LOJ Conversions offers a wide variety of products for the 350Z, from complete swap kits to individual components, LOJ has the products you need to make your engine swap a success. Remember, it is always cheaper to buy components in a complete kit than individually, as there are discounts built in when purchasing the package deals.

Swap kits are offered in four stages:

BASIC - The basic kits get you just what you need to get the engine into the car. These typically consist of Motor Mounts, Trans Mounts, Oil Pans, Driveshafts, Heater Core Outlets (When Necessary), Trans Adapters (When Needed) and Short Shift Linkages (Depending on Trans). These kits are aimed at the do-it yourself kind of guy who is interested in figuring out their own exhaust, wiring, accessory drives, oil filter relocation, and other odds and ends. 

INTERMEDIATE - The intermediate kits add on a few more features to the basic kits to make the installation more plug and play. The intermediate kits typically add an accessory drive package, fuel system solution, oil filter relocation kits, and a few other components. These kits are aimed at the do-it-yourself guys who want to save time by taking the guesswork out of many aspects of a swap. There will still need to be some work done to figure out the exhaust system, cooling system, and wiring, but the bulk of the guesswork is done here.

MASTER - The master kits include every component in the intermediate kits, but also add harmonic balancers, water pumps, wiring, ECUs, sensors and headers. These kits are aimed at the customer who wants all of the guesswork removed. They just want to buy an LSx Gen 3 or 4 engine and drop it in. The only aspect not covered in the master kits is the radiator, fans, and air intake. .

ULTIMATEThe ultimate kits are the most comprehensive kits offered by LOJ. These kits include every component in the master kits, but also add a custom radiator, fans, and cold air intake components. The radiator is made by C&R Racing and is specifically designed and sized properly for an LS engine in a 350Z.  This is simply the most comprehensive swap kit offered for the 350Z. You can even add an LS3 Crate Engine to this kit making it a true 1-stop shop for your LS-Z32 conversion.