M35 and M45 LSx Swap Oil Filter Relocation Kit

M35 and M45 LSx Swap Oil Filter Relocation Kit

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This is a complete oil filter relocation kit for your M35 or M45 with an LOJ Conversions LS Engine Conversion. This kit includes pre-cut and assembled 10AN Hoses, Filter Housing, and Billet Bracket for mounting the filter to the front of the drivers side cylinder head.  If you have another oil pan arrangement, we suggest purchasing our universal oil filter relocation kit or just contacting us first so we can configure a kit to meet your specific needs.

This kit is designed to work with LOJ's Accessory Drive Kit for LS Swaps into the M35 and M45, it is not compatible with GM's Accessory Drive Kits as the filter mounting location interferes with those setups. 

The hose used in this kit is lightweight nylon braided, stainless reinforced racing hose, which is 40% lighter than standard stainless racing hose! The hose ends are anodized for durability. The last 6" of hose will include a heat protective wrap to shield it from the heat of the exhaust where it passes closes to the LOJ Conversions LS Swap Headers. The filter stand has a 13/16" filter nipple and is compatible with your stock truck or car PF46 LS oil filter! (Unlike most other filter stands on the market that use 3/4" filter nipples and force you to use filters not designed to work with your engine.)

All components manufactured and assembled in the USA!


I was reminded this morning, two years after I bought my Z32 swap kit what a great company this is. LOJ is always there with excellent advice, not just great products. Best customer service of any company I’ve ever dealt with, and the highest quality swap parts available. If you want an easy, bolt in swap, this is it. Click Here to See Review

David S.

That's the thing with an engine swap... we don't know what's gunna happen... unless you're buying a swap kit from LOJ Conversions for your 350Z with an LS... Those kits work, they're good! Click Here for Video

Al and Woody - The Skid Factory