MOCAL Inline Fluid Thermostat

MOCAL Inline Fluid Thermostat

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MOCAL thermostats are designed to prevent engine oil from flowing through the oil cooler until the desired temperature is reached. Prolonged use of engines in conditions that oil cannot reach optimum working temperatures will cause sludge formation and crankcase oil dilution, leading to excessive wear especially in the cylinder bores. Thermostats combat this by regulating oil flow to accelerate warm up. This in turn reduces drag, helping to yield optimum engine efficiency and performance. The proven design and reliability of the MOCAL thermostat make them the choice of automotive and marine racing teams world wide. 

With over thirty years of continued development, MOCAL oil thermostats have racked-up millions of miles in automotive, marine and aviation applications.

These MOCAL inline fluid thermostats utilize AN Ports. They can be ordered in various sizes and two temperatures.


Mocal oil thermostats are designed to regulate oil flow through cooling devices until optimal (minimum) temperatures are reached. Cold oil enters the thermostat and is bypassed through the center of the unit returning to engine (figure 1). During warm-up the thermostat never closes off oil flow to the cooler, rather, it offers a less restrictive path for the oil to flow* allowing the cooler to acclimate to system temperature. As oil warms to 170 degrees (203 in high temp versions) the operating "waxstat" closes the bypass permitting full flow to cooler (figure 2). *percentage of oil bypass can vary up to the point where the bypass is closed and full flow to the cooler is achieved.


Thermostat Installation:

1. Select a place, close to the engine and away moving parts, to insert the thermostat where oil hoses are running parallel. If a remote filter is used the thermostat must be installed AFTER the filter or oil bypass unfiltered when cold.

2. Determine the orientation of the thermostat prior to connecting the hose fittings see (figure 3). Yes, it is normal to see straight through both ends of the thermostat; the bypass function of occurs in the (unseen) center portion.

3. Splice the thermostat in the hoses running to and from the cooler using 4 appropriate type hose ends. Follow schematic (figure 4 or 5). Notes: Thermostat can be installed in any position/orientation as long as above connection schematic is followed. Unless marked, oil coolers do not have a preference for inlet or outlet, oil will flow in either direction. If marked, connect "to cooler" port to cooler inlet and "from cooler" port to cooler outlet.

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