MOCAL Nylon Braided AN Hose - Lightweight Racing

MOCAL Nylon Braided AN Hose - Lightweight Racing

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Construction: smooth bore, lightweight synthetic rubber interior with (black) nylon woven overbraid

Application: For gasoline, diesel fuel, lubrication oils, and water. Suitable for our MOCAL hose ends. NOT FOR ETHANOL OR E85

Operating Temperature Range: -30 f to +300 f (-35 c to +150 c).

This hose is compatible with all of our MOCAL Hose end fittings.

Hose is sold PER FOOT. For your total desired length, enter quantity for the number of feet required.

From the late 1990's on there has been an increasing call for lightweight hose. With this, many manufacturers have introduced new hose and fitting products. This is good news for sponsored racing teams (unlimited budgets) searching for something lighter/better, however, the cost of these products (often 2 to 5 times higher) put them out of reach for the average user. The other issue is the lack of compatibility between brands and systems - most require special equipment required for assembly. One of the few "compatible" products on the market is Aeroquip "Startlite" hose, which can be used either with "crimp" type or more common "taper-swivel" hose ends. Unfortunately the down side here is the price - again 2-3 times the price of typical stainless racing hose. With all this in mind, our latest hose product addresses the above issues and features; weight similar to the high dollar brands, compatibility with industry standard "taper-swivel" hose ends, and is easy to cut and assemble (no more bloody fingers) and all at a sensible price.


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