MOCAL Stainless Braided AN Hose - Aeroquip FC333

MOCAL Stainless Braided AN Hose - Aeroquip FC333

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Construction: elastomer tube, partial stainless steel wire inner braid and full stainless steel outer braid reinforcement.

Application: For gasoline, fuel and lubrication oils, air and water.

Operating Temperature Range: -55 f to +300 f (-49 c to 150 c).

This hose is compatible with all of our MOCAL Hose end fittings.

Hose is sold PER FOOT. For your total desired length, enter quantity for the number of feet required.

In the early to mid 1960's, the US military required a range of strong, lightweight, hose assemblies that could be field serviced (for use in oil, fuel, and hydraulic applications) on helicopters and other aviation uses. Aeroquip developed, and produced, AE701 braided steel exterior hose and "Little gem" fittings just for this purpose. In time these hoses and fittings found their way into the surplus market and were seized upon by the motor racing fraternity, which up to that point made due with rubber hose and clamp on fittings. When the surplus market eventually dried up a new industry emerged with new manufacturers offering similar hose and fitting products. Earl's "Perm-o-flex", Goodridge "200", XRP/Keith Black "KB Plus" are all examples. Aeroquip returned to the market with their hose renamed "FC333 Racing Hose" and compatible fittings.. Most hose and fitting components brands are interchangeable, and we commonly to refer to all these products as "aeroquip style" hose and fittings. 


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