SPL HICAS Eliminator Brackets (S13/Z32/R32/R33/R34)
SPL HICAS Eliminator Brackets (S13/Z32/R32/R33/R34)

SPL HICAS Eliminator Brackets (S13/Z32/R32/R33/R34)

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For models with HICAS, the SPL HICAS Eliminator Brackets eliminate the rear wheel steering feature. This provides a more linear driver control and feel at the limit, and prevents rear wheel steering from interfering with counter steering and drifting.

The SPL HICAS Eliminator Bracket Kit consists of our new lightweight and low profile HICAS conversion brackets, 10.9 grade bolts and center locking flange nuts to secure them to the subframe and fittings to delete the HICAS hydraulic power steering pump loop (for Hydraulic HICAS models).  Toe arms and knuckle bushings are not included and must be purchased separately.

Kit sold complete for one car.

Made in the USA.

1989-1994 Nissan 240SX (S13)

1989-1994 Nissan Skyline (R32)

1990-1996 Nissan 300ZX (Z32)

1993-1998 Nissan Skyline (R33)

1999-2002 Nissan Skyline (R34)


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David S.

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